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My wish for you for is to have clarity, confidence and be connected to what is really important to you. You deserve it and you were meant for greatness in your own right, whatever that looks like! If you feel that ‘money’ is holding you back from your dreams, contact me for a free chat. I know two things in my heart; One, that every person can be reached, interested, inspired and opened up. Two, that everyone is smart enough to try a different approach, and then a different approach, until one proves successful.  (read more…)


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I have helped hundreds of men, women and couples demystify why they keep repeating unconscious, self-sabotaging habits.

They tell me; “I just need to get motivated!” believing and waiting for that something or someone to happen or not happen to them. Some think they deserve success and then do nothing to achieve it, as an example; LRP’s  (Lottery Retirement Plans)

I can’t motivate you but I can show you how to you create a mental picture and act ‘as-if’ you’re already who you want to be, where you want to be and everything else you want to see happen in your life, and confidently believe it! The motivation comes from your self-image and your own self-talk. The stronger you create the mental picture as if everything has happened and achieved, the easier everything will become, including failures. Your mental images will be become your reality and your actions and reactions will become automatic to make it happen!

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Did you know that prosperity starts with knowing what you want! Is money important .. YES! But if you don’t know what you want then how will you know when you get there?  Send me an email to request a Free Copy of my book- “Maximum Money Momentum” I show you how to set goals to achieve success! Book cover

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* Testimonials *
“Not only did I enter a safe, loving environment, I received more value every hour. Shari truly offered gifts of her wisdom and her heart over the 2 days, which gave me the courage to face my financial facts, create a new plan and begin the steps for a new financial goal. Shari’s vision session allowed me to recognize the strengths and gifts I have and to stretch my vision to much more than I ever imagined. Thank you so much Shari!”JoAnne W.
:Attending the Money Momentum Workshop was the best step I took in getting myself on the road to financial peace and success. I now have some concrete steps to take and I know I have my team of (new) friends who will help me take those steps and keep me accountable. I look forward to the next 12 months with anticipation and excitement! Thank you Shari and your team.”Susan D.
Before I started to work with Shari, I earned money from my job, but I wouldn’t be using it effectively. It was just slipping through my fingers and I was trying to stop it from happening but I couldn’t.

And now I have money to live and I have money that’s being saved and I know that things are being paid and I can live every day, knowing that I’m not going to get those phone calls, I’m not going to get that fear when I get mail, and just thing ‘oh my god, what is it now?’ Because it is taken care of, but not in a way that makes me feel like I’m still out of control, but in a way that I’m learning how to live, I’m learning how to budget within my own living expenses. And know the bills are being taken care of, and know that my kids are going to be able to go to school and that’s going to be okay. Thank you for helping me build a plan, and setting goals!Sarah

“Thank you Shari for an incredible seminar on Saturday. Your work is a tribute to the emotional intelligence, inspiration and you can do it attitude in regards to money and life. Your sharing is a tribute and invitation to women from all walks of life to create and celebrate great results starting with where we are NOW. The power in that is indescribable and you mentor and demonstrate that so eloquently, with such grace and strength.”Cheryl B.
“By helping me align my goals, my values, and my passion, Shari has given me a priceless gift that will last forever. Thank you Shari.”Janyne S
“As I worked with Shari she was there for me. I felt comfortable emailing her with questions any time. She offered excellent advice, guidance, and accountability tools that I found very useful to keep me in focus, disciplined and creating action. Her direct and ‘to the point’ manner enabled me to bring clarity to my business and the steps that needed to be done. Thank you Shari.”Sandra MM
“We met Shari at a women’s support event last March and life hasn’t been the same since. I would have never thought that such a casual meeting would have such a beneficial and profound affect on our lives. Even though we were making good money we were clearly not doing a good job looking after our finances. Living from payday to payday was causing a lot of anxiety for both of us. We agreed that we needed to hook up with someone like Shari who could walk us through our finances but I kept putting it off… “Gemma Finn
“Shari has helped me to make some financial changes in my life that were weighing me down for a long time. Once that was lifted, that narrow dark tunnel to the future became bigger & brighter. Thanks Shari for challenging me and not sugar coating the simple truths.”Terry
“After working with Shari, I have a much better financial mindset. Money Momentum was a strong part of an overall change in perspective, attitudes, and effort towards my financial well-being. Shari’s workshop has given me new daily habits that support my endeavors, such as her gratitude book. Money Momentum is a genuine gift to yourself; it is a “pattern interrupt™” of unsupportive personal behaviours and attitudes, and there is follow-up support so you can stay on track.”Marian R.
“Take Shari’s workshop! It’s fun, expansive, affirming, inspiring, practical and magical. You’ll discover a whole new relationship with women through stories shared, a whole new relationship with money and the power and encouragement to pursue your dream with an action plan “ and lots of follow up and support. Thank you Shari.”S.C.

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