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My wish for you for is to have clarity, confidence and be connected to what is really important to you. You deserve it and you were meant for greatness in your own right, whatever that looks like! If you feel that ‘money’ is holding you back from your dreams, contact me for a free chat. I know two things in my heart; One, that every person can be reached, interested, inspired and opened up. Two, that everyone is smart enough to try a different approach, and then a different approach, until one proves successful.  (read more…)


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I have helped hundreds of men, women and couples demystify why they keep repeating unconscious, self-sabotaging habits.

They tell me; “I just need to get motivated!” believing and waiting for that something or someone to happen or not happen to them. Some think they deserve success and then do nothing to achieve it, as an example; LRP’s  (Lottery Retirement Plans)

I can’t motivate you but I can show you how to you create a mental picture and act ‘as-if’ you’re already who you want to be, where you want to be and everything else you want to see happen in your life, and confidently believe it! The motivation comes from your self-image and your own self-talk. The stronger you create the mental picture as if everything has happened and achieved, the easier everything will become, including failures. Your mental images will be become your reality and your actions and reactions will become automatic to make it happen!

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Did you know that prosperity starts with knowing what you want! Is money important .. YES! But if you don’t know what you want then how will you know when you get there?  Send me an email to request a Free Copy of my book- “Maximum Money Momentum” I show you how to set goals to achieve success!ebookcover-lg 

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* Testimonials *
:Attending the Money Momentum Workshop was the best step I took in getting myself on the road to financial peace and success. I now have some concrete steps to take and I know I have my team of (new) friends who will help me take those steps and keep me accountable. I look forward to the next 12 months with anticipation and excitement! Thank you Shari and your team.”Susan D.
“As I worked with Shari she was there for me. I felt comfortable emailing her with questions any time. She offered excellent advice, guidance, and accountability tools that I found very useful to keep me in focus, disciplined and creating action. Her direct and ‘to the point’ manner enabled me to bring clarity to my business and the steps that needed to be done. Thank you Shari.”Sandra MM
HUGE Changes –We saved over $10,000 this year!
In Shari’s workshop I learned about my beliefs regarding money and how that hindered my growth possibilities, and it was a relief to learn that I was not the only highly educated woman in the room who was not handling her finances well! I am now more aware of the details, and I have been able to talk with my partner about finances without getting into an argument. This program erased all our old beliefs about money and what it “should” do for us. Then we built a new foundation, a plan of action and formed a community of women who wanted better lives with more money. The support from Shari was incredible and I felt like I could not loose.. just win. I am now ready for whatever life throws me.
Joanne W
“I attended I Love my Money workshop. I called my relationship with money a MESS. I was amazed that I was doing so much better than some. Listening to Shari was an eye-opener and that gave me real down to earth ideas on how to manage my finances better. My husband and I haven’t changed a whole lot since seeing Shari and listening to her — but I FEEL better about where we are! Now I KNOW WHY we are where we are — which gives me the option of being in a different place if I choose to be. Thanks Shari — you’re awesome! Clear, clean and passionate.”Glenda Reid
Before I started to work with Shari, I earned money from my job, but I wouldn’t be using it effectively. It was just slipping through my fingers and I was trying to stop it from happening but I couldn’t.

And now I have money to live and I have money that’s being saved and I know that things are being paid and I can live every day, knowing that I’m not going to get those phone calls, I’m not going to get that fear when I get mail, and just thing ‘oh my god, what is it now?’ Because it is taken care of, but not in a way that makes me feel like I’m still out of control, but in a way that I’m learning how to live, I’m learning how to budget within my own living expenses. And know the bills are being taken care of, and know that my kids are going to be able to go to school and that’s going to be okay. Thank you for helping me build a plan, and setting goals!Sarah

When you are ready to face your beliefs about money and to understand how to create a healthier financial mindset – take Shari’s workshop!!
I know that I am not alone – there are many others that are challenged with their money beliefs and practical finances. After attending the workshop, I am in a better financial mindset and Shari has given me many strategies to keep me on track and to help me see the bigger picture of how I am managing the money flow in my life. Many of the ideas that we shared in the workshop echo even now, months later, and help me to feel part of a community that is committed to becoming healthier in our financial lives. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to realize how important it is to value my time and energy on an ongoing basis.
Lynn Thompson
“Not only did I enter a safe, loving environment, I received more value every hour. Shari truly offered gifts of her wisdom and her heart over the 2 days, which gave me the courage to face my financial facts, create a new plan and begin the steps for a new financial goal. Shari’s vision session allowed me to recognize the strengths and gifts I have and to stretch my vision to much more than I ever imagined. Thank you so much Shari!”JoAnne W.
“My husband and I felt like there was a gap between how our financial institution was guiding us with plans like retirement, our monthly cash flow and other money issues- whether it was personal or business. We felt like we were being fit into a box that didn’t consider our individual details and specific needs. We have a large family and a business we are investing lots of time in so we can expand. Shari helped us set realistic goals to improve cash flow and grow our business. It was simple, effective and most important, it was fun. I loved the entire process and one highlight for me was exploring the money beliefs. ..incredibly powerful. A lot of choices make sense when you understand this concept. I love playing with Shari’s ideas of making money fun. We continue to implement what we have learned. When you leave you will find yourself saying, “Money , yeah  I do that!” ~ RhondaRhonda and Rustin
Hiring Shari as a coach I have experienced a big shift in how I feel about my finances, and LIFE. I came to her exhausted, feeling stuck , and tired of “figuring it all out myself”, and now have experienced tremendous RELIEF that all the financial muddiness in my life is getting clear. Shari’s program is much deeper than that, though – it is about living the life you want – not just talking about it. Shari is the practical, results oriented spark I needed in my life – she holds my feet to the fire, then gives me a big hug and says “you can do this”. We may all “know” this in our heads, but unless you are LIVING what you “know”, well – you DON’t really know it. I finally realized that if I COULD have done this myself, I already would have, but by getting Shari’s help I am learning what my blind spots are that have kept cropping up , and and now with Shari’s insight I am learning to see around them – consistently . That is the beauty of an ongoing program – Shari is there when the initial excitement of change is over and has really helped me install the discipline to succeed at “money”. That is also the beauty of momentum, it gets more and bigger results with time. I am so grateful I signed on with Shari, and know this will be the money program that will change how I “do” money forever, so I really can turn some of my ‘wishes’ into goals, and my LIFE.Dawn M.
The power of budgeting! I had never realized the importance of a budget and avoided ever having one until I learned that budgeting can be liberating instead of restrictive! While budgeting has been a huge challenge for me, the support was there from Shari when I needed it.L.K. T.

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